Vie Dance & Sir J


Vie has a background as a latin dancer and teacher (Salsa, Bachata, …) for more than 15 years now. She has developed a very unique and feminine dance style, which she generously shares during her regular classes, but also during the special ladies’styling classes. Since a couple of years she also teaches kizomba, together with her partner SirJ.

SirJ is native to the West Indies, and has bathed since his early age in those afro-Caribbean sounds, going from zouk, to compa and mazurka, and also reggae and dancehall. Those musical influences allowed him to quickly understand the rhythms of Kizomba and all its origins, and add his own style to his dancing.

Together, they aim to share their passion, and love of partner dancing, and especially Kizomba. They focus on connection, understanding the music and the ability to lead and follow any dancer… from beginner to advanced. During their classes or workshops, they always keep in mind their philosophy they limitless share with their students: SHARING – LISTENING – ENJOYING!

Demo “Tarraxinha”-Workshop @ 2. X-MAS Kizomba Gala Kassel 18.-21. December 2015:

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