Sabine Kolle


Since her childhood, dancing is playing a big role in Sabine’s live. In the early adulthood, her passion was only Jazz & Modern Dance, later, in the early 30s she joined salsa scene. Then in 2012 , while visiting many dance festivals, she discovered Kizomba and it became clear pretty quickly, this sensual dance is her new love from now on. She was totally addicted from the first minute she saw and experienced Kizomba dance.

In 2013, she became a founder of the first Kizomba Community in her home town Kassel, named “Kizomba Kassel & Friends”, which is now constantly growing and expanding. At the same time, together with some friends and teachers from the neighborhood , she started holding classes here too and sharing her passion for this dance. Later, at the beginning of 2014, the first international artists were added.

Meanwhile, Kizomba is a fixed part in Kassel and has a good name and size of this dance community. The network of artists, DJs and friends from Europe is constantly growing.

At the moment Sabine, together with the Main Team (Franky, Ozy, Alex & Iris), teaches 2-3 weekends per month, offering different level of Kizomba classes: from the very Beginner to Advanced .

Additionally, minimum three weekends per year , she teaches with some international artist, when they are invited to the bigger events of the “ Kizomba Kassel & Friends” .This year she taught classes at the 1st. O´Kiz Festival 2015 in Hvar Island/Croatia. She prefers to be more focused ,firstly in her home town scene before she starts internationally.
3rd Saturday of each month ,Sabine and the Team from “Kizomba Kassel & Friends” offers a mixed party for all Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba lovers. Dancers from the near-by region and some from further away, are coming to celebrate this party to get more and more in touch with Kizomba Kassel & Friends.

The coronation of the annual accounts in Kassel is the X-MAS Gala in December, since the first edition she created in 2014. All national and international friends, artists and DJ’s who are part of “Kizomba Kassel & Friends” are there to share this wonderful Christmas Kizomba weekend with all students and guests from around Germany and Europe .

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