L&A Kizomba


Laurent and Adeline, a.k.a L&A Kizomba, began their Kizomba journey by winning National Kizomba Championship of France in 2013 called ‘The France Kizomba Tour’. Being French champions, they started publishing many videos on YouTube and immediately won viewer’s hearts.They travel around the world to share and teach their vision and love for Kizomba. During their classes you should particularly pay attention to: musicality, technique, expression and feeling.

Since 2014 Laurent & Adeline are a fixed part of Kizomba Kassel & friends. Both: artists and students always enjoy the workshops , there is always very special the atmosphere and many wonderful moments when they are there.

Workshop Demo “Technical Steps” @ 2. X-MAS Kizomba Gala Kassel 18.-21. December 2015:

Afterclass Demo “Musicality” @ 2. X-MAS Kizomba Gala Kassel 18.-21. December 2015:

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