Kaem & Marine KizAsOne



Kaem & Marine (Paris) are the founders of the Kizomba AsOne Style, a very human and artistic approach of kizomba that strives to create an intense fusion between the two partners during the dance. After dropping his law carreer, Kaem met Marine and they decided to make of kizomba an extraordinary experience. To reach such a depth and harmony in kizomba, they invented new technics, styling, body and emotional connection. The outcome is a stunning kizomba experience with a huge creativity in moves.
Their modern tango, hip hop, ballet , contemporary dance and buddhist zen influences, makes their style unique and their workshops very technical and highly emotional.

Kaem & Marine came first time to Kizomba Kassel & friends in 2015 but we know each other from 2013 and joined different workshops and parties together and we talked a long time in advance about this project.

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