Jazzy Cubango



Jazzy Cubango from Paris, France. Renown for his unique teaching abilities and patience. Organiser of Kizomba festivals, workshops, and parties, in Paris, French provinces and abroad to share his passion for dance and music.

One of the first Kizomba Festival Organisers in France.
– July 2009 * 1st edition of Kizomba Swimming Festival.
– November 2013 1st Paris Kizomba Congress.

Born in Martinique, Jazzy started to dance Caribbean folklore for various dance groups like “Sun Caraibe” and “Copra”, then he moved to the HipHop dance scene, and other dance styles like pop, lock, smurf, hype and in particular “Jazz rock” from which he received the nickname Jazzy.

Multi talented Jazzy CubAngo choreographed several shows and performances, and had the opportunity to participate in “Pascal Valot” and the musical “La rue case nègre” at the Palais des Congrès in Paris (one of the greatest Parisian musicals!).

The Kizomba adventure started 6 years ago when Jazzy was touched by the sensuality of this dance and the emotion of the music. Thanks to a YouTube video, Jazzy fell in love with Kwenda Lima dance style and moved to Lisbon to meet and learn Kizomba from his new idol.

When Jazzy returned to Paris, he decided to share his amazing experience. He created and organized the first French Kizomba Festival, the ‘Kizomba Swimming Festival’ in Paris, in collaboration with Estelle Design. Then he continued the adventure in 2013 and created the Paris Kizomba Congress, in collaboration with Fred Maestro.

List of my workshops:

– Kizomba all levels
– Kizomba improvement => Technical Steps
– Kizomba improvement => Dance With musicality
– Tarraxinhia
– URBANKIZ (Technic – leading – following – slow motion)
– Concept Bootcamp Weekend “Intensive Workshop”

G-amado clip presentation Jazzy Cubango:

Jazzy (Paris) & Yuliya (Russia) Paris Kizomba Congress 2015:

Jazzy Cubango et Sara Lopez – Paris Kizomba Congress 2014:

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