Franky Apophis


Franky Apophis was born in Cameroon and came to Germany for his academic studies of informatics. First he was skeptical about what to do here in his spare time, but then he was infinitely glad being able to dance here as well. Dancing was always something that made him happy since childhood. He first specialized on Hip Hop and Dancehall, but of course also on African Dances like Ndombolo and Coupé-Décalé. A few years later he discovered and enjoyed dancing salsa. At some point in time, he recognized that Salsa DJs were sometimes playing Zouk Love, which he knew from Cameroon.

However, he was wondering how different people were dancing it here, and they even had a different name for it, Kizomba. Only upon his first travel to Amsterdam, he became Kizomba infected and started traveling around Europe to develop further his style for Kizomba and Semba. He visited international congresses and workshops in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia and Luxemburg at any time possible. Around 1.5 years ago he has also started teaching these dances and has founded his group, project “time”: He regularly practices with his group and offers dancing lessons and weekend workshops not only in Frankfurt (Hessen) but already throughout Germany. His unique style is a mixture between traditional Kizomba and New Style, always according to his motto harmony, elegance, and balance!

Last but not least due to his love for the music he became a well-known and popular DJ for Kizomba, Semba, and Afro house.

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