After an unbelievable run through the booking system from the ladies in the last 2 days, we had to decide this morning, to stop all Women´s Pass sales.

Please notice: Right now you can not buy any Women Pass . We closed the whole booking system for women.

We already talk since months about this situation and that everybody, who would like to be part of the 4. X-MAS Gala Kassel, have to be early in the bookings.

Please take distance from the idea, to write private messages to the organization. We can not and will not make any special decisions. It is not realiziable. 🙁 🙁

We are sorry for all women, who missed for now to book the Pass.

We open the System for women again, after we got more men bookings. Which time it is: We don´t know ! The same situation we had last year 3 times before Gala.

Again now: We have to wait for men bookings.

******** Dear Men *********

If you are already sure to be part of our Gala: Please book now. With this booking you give the women again the chance to be part of it as well !

We are sorry. But Kizomba Gala Kassel is well known for quality and balance. And we would like to offer this quality again this year !

One note: It´s also not possible to book a MEN PASS as a WOMEN! A men is a men and a women is a women 🙂

At the registration desk @ Gala we ask for the ID card and we just put the bracelet to the arm of the Person who is registered on the Pass. We don´t give the bracelet to someones hand to take it away.

Booking System Link:


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