Our ” NEW “lothing line catalogue 2017/18 is out now !!! You can order personalised T-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts or a combo before coming to Xmas Gala!! If you are not attending Gala this year , we will send it to you

1.Check the catalogue
2.Chose the order number
3.Chose the print message+ your name option
4.Chose the size
5.Send us an email with all details:

We will confirm your order and you will receive the payment details. Payment have to be done before coming to Gala to our bank account.

We accept order until Sunday 10. December and we guarantee that the outfits will be ready @ Gala.

Later it is not possible. Sorry.

outfit copyrights reserved – Kizomba Kassel and Friends

To get an impression of some outfits from the last time, please click here and you will see some things / outfits 🙂


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