The basic idea of Kizomba Kassel & Friends

Our philosophy and principal is: Everything that we do is “by friends for friends and by dancers for dancers.”
The most important thing for Kizomba Kassel is to create a relaxed and private atmosphere and the sense of community here. And never the less to maintain that and expand.

What makes this project so unique is that Artists and DJ´s are familiar with our students, participants and guests. The appreciative and relaxed relationship between all, is what we set the price for.

Who or what is Kizomba Kassel?

Kizomba Kassel & Friends is a community of national + international dancers ,dance teachers and DJs who have something in common: love for music and passion for dance. And this feeling is being spread to all who is a part of this project.

The origin

Early 2013, Sabine had an idea to create a community of dancers, dance teachers and DJs, who share the same passion and who is interested in such friendly dance environment. True to the motto: “Together go in new ways” and “As a team, we are creating more”, Kizomba Kassel & Friends was born shortly. First, with the small group of dancers. At that time nobody believed that this project has a future in such small town of central Germany. Today we are very proud and grateful for what we have: Minimum 2 weekends in a month we hold our regular classes with different focus and levels.

The scene is stable and continues to grow. All students are eager to learn, highly concentrated and very inquisitive
The Main Teaching Team : Sabine & Stone´s, Franky, Alex, Iris, Shervin. 2 – 3 times per year Kizomba Kassel is supported by international friends, artists & DJ’s. All of them are always happy to come back to Kassel. They enjoy what we have.

Highlight of the year: The X-MAS Kizomba Gala

For the third year in a row, Kizomba X-Mas Gala will take a place in ORANGERIE (Kassel) on December 16th-19th 2016. The event has become a success and already gained quite a name not only in Germany but also in the nearby countries like Netherlands, Belgium and France. Still growing strong, this year dancers from Norway, Sweden and Italy are highly expected. From year to another more and more  international artists and Djs are happily joining and supporting the event to share their passion and knowledge for dance. All dancers love Kizomba X-mas Gala because of its special atmosphere “created by friends for friends”, just like the name of the organisation – ” Kizomba Kassel & Friends”, all together, they create a friendly, warm, family feeling environment.

Places in Gala are limited – maximum 350 dancers will have a chance to be a part of it. The organising team, specially the head of it- Sabine Kolle, wishes to keep it smaller rather than bigger. The idea is to give their guests a good chance to socialise for:

– Networking with each other for the  upcoming events
– Talking about Interests, principles, issues and ideas for improvement of the Kizomba scene
– Sharing quality time with each other outside the dancefloor

– and more ….

as this is really missing in other and bigger events.
Another idea of keeping it small and special, is because it’s a Christmas period, the end of the Year, so we should all kinda slow down and relax a little bit after so many big festivals all year round . Quality, not quantity that matters.

And not to forget to mention that Kizomba Kassel &Friends  are very proud and happy to show the world the beautiful but unknown unknown city of Kassel, so full of heritage. One of them is a Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, which actually has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013.
Well.. so here are many reasons to visit this December 😉. Come and discover for yourselves!

© 2015, 2016 Sabine Kolle / Kizomba Kassel & Friends